Want to go green as a business, but have no idea where start?

Well, thanks to the amazing team at Certifiably Green Denver, you can in no time.


We first met the Certifiably Green Denver team a few months back.  We had been looking for a group of people who cared immensely about sustainability in Denver, but also understood that sustainability for businesses was no "walk in the park" as they say.

Certifiably Green Denver provides free, confidential, non-regulatory environmental assistance to Denver’s business community. Their program helps your business find opportunities to improve efficiency and profitability while minimizing environmental liability through pollution prevention.

Best of all, their Sustainability advisers are available at no cost and can begin by visiting your business to complete a comprehensive assessment identifying ways to conserve.

We are excited to be joining them on August 25th at Stoney's Bar and Grill, their latest "Sustainable Business of the Month," to spread sustainability to the edges of Denver.  We will be showcasing of how we can tailor glass recycling programs directly for your business, effectively streamlining your waste and saving you money.

The map below shows us just how awesome it is to be a part of Certifiably Green Denver.