DIY Halloween Skull Home Decor.jpg

We’ve got just the project for your ghoulish Halloween! And it’s 100% sustainable, made with our Clear Intentions 100% Premium recycled crushed glass.

Rest your weary skulls on a bed of “molten” and “melting” recycled glass, complimented of course with more bones, spider webs, and creepy hands!

Here’s how it’s done!

Step one:

Get any size of our #GalaxyGlass in clear color. Link here:

Step two:

Gather together any other items to make your project pop! For example, we’ve grabbed some creepy Halloween skulls, a bowl, and something to make you really stand out . . . orange tea lights to submerge in your Galaxy Glass.

DIY Halloween project - skulls.jpg
DIY Halloween project - bowl.jpg
DIY Halloween project - tea lights.jpg

Step three:

Now just let your creative home decor juices get flowing, by putting on the Nightmare Before Christmas, and our the Galaxy Glass into the bowl about halfway.

  • Turn on, and place the Halloween tea lights!

  • Cover with remaining Galaxy Glass!

  • Top with skulls!

DIY Halloween Project - Galaxy Glass Skulls 1.jpg
DIY Halloween Project - Galaxy Glass Skulls 2.jpg
DIY Halloween Project - Galaxy Glass Skulls 3.jpg

AND we want to hear from you! Post your photos of this project in the comments below. We’d love to share them on our social media too!